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We know how to van

This isn't our first rodeo - we have many years experience building things and living on the road. Backpacking, car camping, and taking vans all over the country, we've been there.

At Swell Van Co. we think vans are swell, so we’re helping folks get on the road. That’s why we make camper van conversion products for DIY-ready outdoor enthusiasts. We offer do-it-yourself kits for those who want to actually have fun with their build and are a full installer of our equipment in beautiful Bend, Oregon. Of course, we offer semi-custom conversions as well. 

Bringing tech to the craft

Technology allows us to build better products more affordably

With backgrounds in digital experience design and outdoor product design, we know that developing innovative products to market means pushing how things are done. With today's manufacturing capabilities, there is nothing we won't experiment with if it means we can share the joy of vanlife with more people.

Curious about our ways? Drop us a line and we'd happily give you a tour.

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Precision Made

Manufactured using 3D models which are exact to the millimeter, our products fit like a glove.

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Easy to Assemble

Building your van is much like putting together IKEA furniture - it's been constructed with thought so that you don't have to give it any.

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Quality, Sustainable, Affordable

We use only the highest quality materials that are durable and long lasting. After all, a sustainable van has to, uh... sustain.

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